Changing the Look to Islam
One Heart at a Time

Our Services

Prision Services

Providing religious material to prisoners from coast to coast.

Housing Services

Secure housing is crucial for recently released prisoners to successfully reintegrate into society. Our program offers safe and affordable homes to ensure a smooth transition. Let us provide a foundation for your fresh start.

Homeless Outreach

Providing shelter, food, and support for homeless individuals. We reach out to those in need, offering aid and resources. Helping rebuild lives through compassionate outreach efforts.


Sadaqah4Sure is a registered 501 ( c ) (3) nonprofit organization, founded September 2003 and incorporated July 2009 in the United States. Sadaqaah4Sure is a new charity that donates 98% of every dollar to charity!

Your contribution gives hope and help to those desperately in need. If you can find it in your heart to give a gift today, we will put it to immediate use. Please take the time to look through our programs.

Sadaqah4Sure is Blessed to have individuals on our team that speak:
English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Banjabi

Thank you for taking an interest in our site.

God Bless your good heart.
Hanah Webber,
Executive Director

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